shared birthdays! - Christina and Jarrah

I am the new Mom, one week postpartum, of a beautiful baby girl Dallas, born 11/17/2016 (ironically, my doula Tamrha's, son's birthday!). At 12 weeks, I hired IDA and Tamrha as my doula. Tamrha became my go-to source for all things pregnancy related, spiritual and mental. She gave me encouragement, education, support and often times a listening ear when I was struggling. I could call Tamrha day or night, from work or home and she answered EVERY TIME. My partner and I are not Indianapolis natives with my closest family 5hours away.

Tamrha and IDA served as the family we needed whether it was finding a new OB/GYN (which I had to when I got new insurance and my doc went out of network during my pregnancy) or providing education at parenting classes. I learned so much from Tamrha, I was empowered to take on my labor experience and be confident that I could "birth the baby I built" (Tamrha says every woman can birth the baby they build). One of the most impressive things about hiring Tamrha and IDA for me, is everyone loves them. It's so important to be affiliated with a group that other care providers WANT to work with. The IDA name, along with Tamrha and Patti's names, are well respected. When they show up, people are excited. It speaks to the same respect, love, and care that Tamrah gave me, she shows in her relationships with other care providers.

Tamrha will forever be a part of my life as not only my doula but my friend. She was there to coach me through the most important event in my life and I will never be able to put into words how special her presence was for me and my family. I'm thankful for Patti and the rest of the IDA team for educating and loving me through my pregnancy, even though I was "Tamrha's client". The choice to hire Tamrha and IDA was the FIRST, best decision I made for my baby.

Dad's thoughts...

I am a brand new dad of a beautiful baby girl named Dallas, born 11/172016. We hired Tamrha as our doula at 12 weeks and she was the absolute best! From prenatal care to post-partum, Tamrha has been our frontline of defense. Additionally, I would need several posts to thoroughly express my appreciation for IDA, (especially Tamrha) so I will simply say IDA is a top notch organization and if you are lucky enough to hire Tamrha, you will not be disappointed. She’s a hoot to boot :-). Love ya Tam!!!