Birth Doulas

Circle City Doulas provide non-judgmental emotional, physical and informational support to navigate you through uncertainties surrounding pregnancy, labor, birth and parenting. We help families feel secure in their birth choices by fostering their ideal birth experience, educational opportunities, and introduction to a community network of professionals. Our goal is to clearly outline the options of expectant parents, some they might not know they have. Circle City Doulas’ mission is ensure a knowledgeable experience with continuous support and personal commitment during pregnancy, birth, postpartum & parenthood.

Experienced Doula Package


  • Two prenatal visits to explore your desires and vision of your baby’s birth day. During these visits, your knowledgeable doula will discuss your birth options with you, supply any resources and recommendations you need, and guide you through a “labor rehearsal” to help reinforce coping techniques and review what you have learned while you envision your ideal birth.

  • Unlimited support throughout your pregnancy

  • Guidance in creating your unique birth plan.

  • Continuous labor support in your home, birth center or hospital, including early labor support if you would like your doula to be with you.

  • Immediate postpartum support for one to two hours after baby arrives, including early breastfeeding support.

  • Guaranteed “Back-up Doula” from our CCD team in case of an emergency illness, simultaneous births, or long labor. (These occurrences are very rare; CCDs doulas work hard to ensure that they remain their clients’ personal doula throughout their entire birth journey!)

  • A timeline of the events of the birth from your doula’s perspective (Our clients love these timelines!).

  • Photos of the birth (if our hands and attention aren’t needed elsewhere!).

  • One postpartum visit in your home to celebrate your baby, process the birth and discuss the transition to parenthood, including any necessary referrals.

  • Repeat clients receive a $100 discount!

Advanced Doula Package

Hoping for a doula expert at your birth? Our advanced doula package is perfect for you. Tamrha Richardson is CCD’s advanced birth doula. We consider an advanced doula as a doula who has attended more than 150 births, including VBAC, home birth, water birth, cesarean birth, medicated and unmedicated births, as well as obtaining multiple trainings to stay up-to-date in the birth industry. The Advanced Doula package includes support from an advanced doula, everything in our Highly Skilled Birth Doula package, plus the aromatic birth add on (value of $55.00).
Advanced Doula Pricing: $1200

  • With Tamrha’s Advanced Doula package, you also are hiring a Fashion Institute of Technology Photography Graduate! Advanced Birth Doula and Photographer in one!

  • Advanced Doula Package comes with 10 edited photos. Additional photo package (typical average of 100 photos) can be added on.

  • Additional Photo Package: $300

Mentee Doula Package

If you’re looking for a great doula at a slightly lower cost, consider our mentee doula option. This includes everything in our Highly Skilled Birth Doula package, with a newer doula who is being directly mentored by the owner and Director of CCD. This doula will be your lead doula for prenatals, birth, and postpartum, but will be supervised and assisted by a mentor doula until she’s completed her training program. You’re essentially getting two courageous and compassionate doulas for the price of one! Double the doula, double the support! Inquire to see if a mentee doula is available for your birthing time.

Mentee Doula Pricing: $650


Tamrha Richardson CD, CT(CBI), IPS

Advanced Doula


Dita Schuerman

Doula Mentee


Brittany Allison

Doula Mentee