Brittany’s birth philosophy

“Childbirth can be an empowering, transforming experience for a woman. The birthing process is an incredible experience that can be joyous, terrifying, exhilarating, exhausting, breathtaking and even overwhelming, all at the same time. No two women have the same experience, as every birth is special and not all aspects can be controlled. As your doula, we will work together to understand your own personal birthing philosophy that will help to guide your childbirth and choices. I will be there to provide you emotional, physical and spiritual support throughout your birth. A key element to an empowering, beautiful birth experience is a mother who is not only at the center of the stage, but directing her show.”

Training and Education:

DONA International, Doula Training Certification-Indianapolis, IN, June 2018

Circle City Doulas Mentee Program with Tamrha Richardson CD, CT (CBI) IPS

University of Indiana-Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN- Public Health, August 2018 -present

Brittany is a veteran of the US Navy, serving from 2013 through 2017 where she was QuarterMaster/Navigation on the USS George H.W. Bush Aircraft Carrier. At the Norfolk Naval Hospital in Norfolk, VA, she worked in the Labor and Delivery Department where she assisted in various procedures including, cesarean sections, circumcisions & central lines, as well as provide bed side care and nutrition to NICU newborns as a certified milk technician. Brittany is CPR certified in both Infant and Adult.