Calm Birth

Calm Birth is a technique that is based on meditation science for use in pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period, and beyond.

Focusing on complete oxygenation, this method uses mind-body techniques that have proven to be helpful to birthing women, their partners, and their babies.

With Calm Birth, the woman plays an active role in birth preparation and learns to recognize and release fears that arise.

As she prepares, she heals not only herself but her baby as well. She gains an increased pain tolerance while using deep breathing during the practices.

By releasing these thoughts and fears, she frees her mind and emotions which allows her to labor with courage and strength.

She births undisturbed.

She births with grace.

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The program consists of two main techniques. The first is called the Practice of Opening which is a reclining progressive neuromuscular release. Womb Breathing is a sitting meditation where the mother (and her partner as well) learn full oxygenation and gain increased energy for greater function during both pregnancy and birth. The mother practices recognizing her fears and learns to release them to prepare for her birthing time.

This program is geared to help all women birth, no matter the kind of birth they choose or end up having. By sitting into calm, women experience elevated births whether they are natural, pain medication supported, or even surgical.

If meditation sounds difficult or scary, toss your worry aside! The practices are simple, effective, elegant, and guided, based on ancient Tibetan meditation. Birthing in calm doesn’t mean you are inactive, still or passive. Instead, birthing in calm means birthing from a place of inner wisdom and strength, in full function and health.

Class Fee: $250 for three sessions. Includes CD, as well as wma or mp4 digital tracks, class booklet

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