4th Time Mama! - Amanda

My husband and I hired Tamrha as our doula for the birth of our 4th child. I knew Tamrha as a coworker and friend from our previous work in home birth. When I found out I was pregnant, I couldn't imagine my birth without Tamrha there!

We had informative prenatal appointments and discussed all possible options and outcomes. I had anxiety about pretty much every potential aspect of birth despite the fact that this was "not my first rodeo". Tamrha knew all of my wishes, all of the hospital's policies, and what part my husband wanted to play in labor support. We had our plan and multiple contingency plans. 

The end of my pregnancy was emotionally and physically exhausting. I had prodromal labor (the contractions are real but they start and stop) for almost a month. Tamrha was there for me. She helped me talk through my feelings and helped me calm down when I was ready to give up on my birth plan. She was also there for my husband, encouraging him and giving him the tools he needed to support me. 

On birth day I decided to go with a contingency plan and got an epidural to finally rest. Tamrha made sure that we did everything possible to keep labor progressing naturally-peanut ball, changing positions, visualization, relaxation, etc. It ended up being my shortest labor!
Of all 4 of my birth experiences, this was definitely the very best, for myself and my husband, and I credit that almost entirely to Tamrha. She was caring and supportive, advocating for me (and my family) every step of the way!