DeAnn Barnett CD(DONA)


DeAnn’s Birth Philosophy:

“To me, there is nothing more miraculous than growing and giving birth to life! I believe that knowledge and advocacy can help improve pregnancy and birth, and when educated and informed, families can choose wisely and communicate their needs effectively for themselves. As your doula, I can provide continuous emotional, physical and educational support, as well as spiritual needs as per your request. In teaching clients to advocate where and when there are choices, they can then make informed decisions that will influence the health and well-being of themselves and their babies. In bringing knowledge of labor and the birthing process to your birth, I can help you find the comfort you need and the confidence in your ability to grow, birth and nourish your baby.”

deAnn baby.jpg

· DONA International—Birth Doula Certification, 2018

· DONA International  - Breastfeeding class

· Fluent in American Sign Language (ASL)

Born and raised in Indiana, DeAnn is a wife, mother of 11 children (6 daughters and 5 sons ranging in ages from 5 to 30) and a Mimi to 5 grandchildren. As a bereaved mother, DeAnn and her husband were blessed to take custody of their daughter’s daughter at 3 and a half months old, rounding out their dozen. As a big family, they enjoy camping, movie night, singing in and out of church, horseback riding, traveling to Tennessee and Florida where they spend time with DeAnn’s mother.

DeAnn volunteers with NODA, No One Dies Alone, and loves her work as a labor doula. She has a soft spot for cuddling babies, especially those born with additions. In the past, DeAnn work as an image consultant with Glamor Shots, as a leasing consultant and various retail. She loves ASL (American Sign Language) and interpreting whenever she is able. Someplace in all of this, she finds time for self care…because that’s important!