Cristina's VBAC

I first heard about IDA through the Methodist Hospital where I gave birth to my daughter. My firstborn son was born somewhere else & ended up being a C-Section and I was bound and determined to have a VBAC this time around which is what brought me to the Methodist Hospital. No one can promise you a successful VBAC but I asked our midwife Jill what she would recommend I do to raise my chances and (I would do anything!) and she inmediately recommended hiring a doula with IDA.

The moment I met Tamrha I felt like she understood my heart and desire for a non-medicated, natural birth, but she also understood my fears and trauma with the previous Csection. I poured my heart out to her and she was with me every step of the way recommending reading materials to keep me in the right frame of mind and even fun and helpful pastimes when my baby went 10 days past her "due date"! She kept me from freaking out everytime I texted her something me or my husband were worried about or starting to get fearful on, and got us through the craziest most incredible moment of our lives.

Her soothing words and gentle demeanor was exactly what I needed to carry me through each contraction making me feel like the most beautiful, powerful superwoman when I pushed that baby girl out! This is coming from the biggest cry baby/pansy on earth and my friends still can't believe I had a non-medicated birth! I can't believe I had my long awaited dream VBAC & I would do it over a million times and not change a thing. My mom later said, "Well do you think you could do it again without a Doula?" And I said, "If anything this confirms I would never want to give birth without Tamrha!"

Every time I hear of a difficult birth story I think to myself, "It wouldn't have been that way if Tamrha would have been there." She has so much wisdom and knowledge for even the stickiest situations and heart of gold and compassion to go with it. If I won the lottery I would give her a million dollars, there is just no way to pay her back for all she did for me during Madison's birth. I live in Puerto Rico now but I WILL fly back to Indianapolis for all my future births or fly her down here, and that is a promise! I just love her so much! She is just the best of the best!