Babies #2 and #3! - Maria‚Äôs Review

I was fortunate to have Tamrha at the births of both my second and third babies. As soon as I knew I was pregnant with baby #3, I called up Tamrha!

During my first birth, I thought I just wanted it to be me and my husband in the birthing room. I really wanted to birth without an epidural, but that didn't end up happening with our first child. It was hard for me to recall ask the relaxation techniques I learned during our prenatal class, and it was tough not having a road map to remind us where we were in the labor process when I was in the middle of birthing. My husband could've used the support as well. When I got pregnant the second time, I knew I wanted things to be different. After interviewing a few doulas, I knew Tamrha was the right fit for us as she was a great mix of listening attentively and not being scared off by me being direct:). She offered support throughout my pregnancies. My second birth was quick, and she was there to help me birth using the Hypnobabies program (something that felt important for me). I was able to birth without the use of an epidural, other pain medications, or medical interventions successfully.

When planning the third birth, although birth number two went well, there were still a few things I wished could've gone differently in the hospital setting. She heard my concerns and preferences, and we planned for how to approach this birth differently. She paid attention to my need for having my space protected so that I could go under hypnosis, and not have that disrupted in a hospital setting.

My third birth was so much calmer than my other two. As my third birth started, some fears crept in. I shared my concerns with Tamrha. She listened attentively and was able to reassure me, which was what I needed to allow me to progress through my birth in the way I wanted it to happen. I was able to give birth to my third child vaginally, without epidural, and with minimal involvement from hospital staff (my preferences). She also was able to take pictures during the birth, something I did not have during my first two births, and I will cherish those photos forever. She was instrumental in supporting both me and my husband during my births and was an essential member of my birth team. I think our family is complete now, but if we ever had another baby, I wouldn't hesitate to give Tamrha a call and get her booked right away!!