Placenta Encapsulation Services

Whether you prefer encapsulation or another form of preparation, Tamrha, our highly experienced Placenta Encapsulation Specialist will quickly and safely prepare your placenta for consumption and provide door-to-door service within the Indy and surrounding areas*.


Why Encapsulate?

Why would a new mother choose to consume her placenta? Some of the benefits may include…

  • An increase in breast milk production

  • A decrease in postpartum bleeding

  • An increase in energy while also getting better sleep

  • Overall better mood

  • Less risk of postpartum depression

  • Vitamins, minerals including iron and protein beneficial for all mothers, especially those who are vegan or vegetarian

  • Assistance in postpartum pain relief


The package

  • Prepared note regarding keeping your placenta

  • Pickup within 24 hours of notification

  • Placenta Preparation of your choice – Raw Prep, Traditional Chinese Medicine method (broth included, if TCM method is chosen) or Raw Cubes

  • Your choice of capsules (gelatin or vegetarian)

  • Placenta tincture*

  • Placenta chocolates*

  • Baby’s umbilical cord keepsake*

  • Placenta print on quality art paper*

  • Photographs of placenta*

  • Home delivery

* - optional

Package Pricing - $300



Ready to Book?

CCD makes it easy to book your services with our online intake form! Rest assured that our Placenta Specialist will contact you after your information is received and supply additional instructions for your placenta pick-up.


Package Information

Clients can choose various methods of preparation from the Raw Prep Method, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method, or raw cube prep.

Raw Prep method: the placenta is gently rinsed before being fully dehydrated at 165 degrees Farenheit, then ground and encapsulated in same ‘0’ size gelatin or vegetarian capsules.

TCM method: requires the steaming of the placenta after rinsing with ginger and jalapeno pepper (both warming to the body) as well as lemon (cleansing to the body). The steam produces a broth that the client may choose to receive (uses range from additions to soups or the feeding of houseplants). The placenta is then dehydrated completely at 165 degrees Farenheit, ground and encapsulated into small ‘0’ size gelatin or vegetarian capsules. *Please note: should you test positive for GBS, this method is required to ensure safety.

Raw Cubes: the placenta is rinsed and cut into 1” cubes and then frozen for use in daily smoothies. This method is prepared in the client’s home only.

Placenta Tincture: a small portion of placenta is steeped in 80 to 100 proof alcohol for 6 weeks. Uses include emotional distress or upsets, menstrual difficulties or PMS. A drop or two can even be placed on baby’s gums to help with teething pain. Includes dropper bottle and cheesecloth for straining. For mamas that test positive for GBS colonization, this will be prepared from steamed and dehydrated placenta.

Placenta Chocolates: a fun, tasty way to treat yourself while getting the benefits of your placenta! These milk or dark chocolate candies contain a sprinkling of dehydrated placenta powder. All you taste is chocolate!