What are postpartum doulas?

Postpartum Doulas assist the family with personalized in-home care after the birth of the new baby. Focusing on the needs of the mother as well as the baby, we craft a care plan to suit each individual mother’s needs. This ranges from assisting with postpartum care of the new mother, supporting the parents in teaching newborn care, including infant feeding (breast or bottle), to being on overnight ‘baby-duty’ while the parents get some well-deserved sleep! If needed, light housework, meal prep and errands can be included.

Are there deeper aspects of care?

Yes, Absolutely. There is an expectation, and quite possibly a belief that once the baby is born and both mama and baby are stable, things are back to normal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In Western culture, unlike many other cultures around the world, new mothers do not have woman-centered, holistic traditions that support the mother and family in the postpartum period while she adjusts to the changes of life with a baby. But we did once, and it’s important to the well-being of the entire family that these things are accessible again. Mothers need care, assistance, time to reflect, to talk about their birth stories and be heard without judgment or criticism. 

Physical care and assistance can include…

Belly Binding and Diastasis Recti (abdominal muscle separation) education

Cleansing and Purification Bath

Warming Belly Oil application and Tuck-in

Sitz Baths and Herbal Vaginal Steams

Nutritional Assistance

Herbal Assistance

Bed-Sharing and Co-Sleeping Support and Education

Babywearing Support

All clients can choose aspects of care they are interested in and, along with their Doula, craft the perfect postpartum care plan for their needs. We offer blocks of time, from 8 to 80 hours (or more!) with a minimum of an 8 hour package. Currently, CCD’s Postpartum support hours are evenings and overnights.

Evening rates - 4 to 10pm are $35 per hour. Overnight rates – 10pm to 7am are $40 an hour.