Miscarriage and Loss Support

Regardless of the circumstances of a loss, our Director and Advanced Doula, Tamrha Richardson who has experienced multiple losses herself, is available to support families, whether the loss is expected or sudden, planned or unplanned.

What that support looks like is dependent on individual needs and requests, however support options can involve many things such as

vero-photoart-140937-unsplash (1).jpg

·         Evidence-based information to assist in making informed-decisions

·         Herbal support by a trained herbalist in women’s health

·         Providing local, reliable resources for additional needs of the family

·         Email and phone support, 24/7, during the loss and for as long as needed

In an expected stillbirth, or Advanced Doula can provide all of the above, as well as

·         In-person support of the birthing family, be the birth vaginal or cesarean

·         Photography

·         Additional family support (grandparents, siblings, etc.)

·         Honoring your parenting time


Pregnancy loss, expected or unexpected, is more common than we realize as 1 in 4 women and birthing people go through this experience. Extending care and support for those going through this is important to us at Circle City Doulas and this support is of no cost to the families that are in need.

If you are wondering if such support is right for you and your particular situation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to listen, without judgement, no matter what.