A hard-won vbac - Elizabeth

Where to even start with my review? Perhaps a little background on my first birth to try to describe how incredibly important it was to have Tamrha at my second birth. To make a very long story short, I was very sick my first pregnancy and ended up having a C-section with complications which lead to me being in the emergency room a week later. I ended up having postpartum depression and was very fearful of becoming pregnant again.

After waiting a few years and working up my courage, we decided to have our second child, as my husband and I had always wanted more than one child. We both knew we wanted a completely different birthing experience as neither of us felt very well about the first one – this was when we reached out to the Indy Doula Associates and met Tamrha.

Tamrha was a blessing from the first moment we met her. We both felt very relieved that we were on the right path to a much healthier happier birth experience – and that is exactly what Tamrha helped us achieve! We had an absolutely amazing VBAC experience which I truly believe would not have been possible without Tamrha at our side. Words cannot even begin to express how grateful I am for all of her help, kindness, and support throughout my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum visit! I highly recommend Tamrha as a doula – especially if you have had problems in the past. Tamrha was incredibly understanding about all of our concerns and fears from our past experience. She went above and beyond to make sure we had the best possible experience and honestly, we did!

We also did the placenta encapsulation with Tamrha and I was really surprised by the results of it - felt like I was more like myself quicker after this pregnancy. I felt so much better after this birth experience than my last for so many reasons, but all of those reasons were possible because of Tamrha. We will be forever grateful for her being a part of our son’s birth. If we ever decide to have another child, we would not do it without having Tamrha by our side! We could not recommend her highly enough – she is truly a wonderful person and an amazing doula!