Closing the journey with sacred postpartum services

So much focus goes into the planning of a birth, and rightfully so. Birth planning is one of the most important aspects of preparing for a baby. Yet, in typical Western culture after all is said and done, and the mother has completed her journey, there is no acknowledgement of the completion of that journey and the transition that has taken place.

Sacred Postpartum services can remedy that.

cleansing bath and tuck-in 

To begin, the new mother has some alone time in a specially prepared bath. Reflection on the journey through her pregnancy and birth is the focus, and anything that she needs to resolve with herself  is given space just as are moments of gratitude. She is able to relax as long as she needs to along with a nourishing tea knowing that her Sacred Postpartum provider, her partner or her trusted friend is seeing to her baby.


After the bath, the new mother is treated to an optional warm oil application. This is not only relaxing, but helps to process out all of the fluids that her body retained in the pregnancy or that built up in the early postpartum period. To complete this process, the mother is “tucked-in” with warm rice and flax seed packs. Her body that spent 9+ months growing a baby and that recently brought forth that little life is “closed and sealed” marking the end of her amazing journey of pregnancy and birth.

Belly Binding

Now she is ready for her Belly Wrap! While many cultures have a process of supporting the mother's body with a wrapping process, this process is based on the techniques from Malaysia.

“Bengkung Belly Binding is an ancient Malaysian method of wrapping the postpartum mother's abdomen in a long narrow piece of muslin or light weight cloth.  Wrapping the belly is an effective and important part of a mother's recovery that aids the body to shrink and recover in a shorter time period, normally 6 to 8 weeks.  A sacred belly wrap provides a mother's postpartum body with 360 degree support to assist the abdominal wall muscle retraction, improve posture, stabilize loosened ligaments, and provide support to the torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position.” -Sacred Pregnancy

Please note - Belly Binding should be just a part of your postpartum core care. Physical Therapists that specialize in pelvic floor health, function, assessment and healing should be consulted and utilized. See our Professional Directory for resources! Also, corsets and store bought cinchers are not appropriate for postpartum binds. In fact, they can exacerbate the problem! 

Clients have the option to include a warming paste under the wrap (the wrap itself is protected) and is then wrapped up by her Sacred Postpartum Provider. Techniques for her to wrap herself are taught, as she should continue this process for 40 days to get the most benefit from the technique. A family member or friend is welcome to watch in order to learn how to assist the mother in the process should she need it.

When is the best time to close the journey?

For the newly postpartum mother, the sooner the better. Days 5-10 are a perfect window (mothers who've had a cesarean are asked to wait 4 weeks to allow healing of their incision site). That said, this process can be helpful to mothers months or even years out from the births of their children, especially if she struggled with trauma, depression or simply wants some marking of the amazing thing she accomplished!

Sacred Postpartum Packages

Full Sealing, Tuck-In and Belly Binding session with teaching: $250 ($25 deposit) - includes the wrap to keep

Belly Binding session only: $175 ($15 deposit) - includes the wrap to keep and teaching

All services are provided in the Client’s home. All that is required is a cleaned bath. We take care of the rest!

Use our online booking form to reserve your service and place your deposit. 


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