First and Second birth with IDA - Kristin

Patti was randomly assigned to be my doula for my first birth after my initial doula was sick. I planned for a natural birth and the doctor immediately wanted to start me on pit after my water broke and I was not experiencing any contractions. Patti immediately stepped in (literally arrived within 10 minutes of us arriving at the hospital at 2AM) and helped inform me of the options I have as a patient - options I wasn't aware of or confident expressing as a first time mom. This allowed me to hold off on the pit and continue the natural path I had planned. She continued to provide guidance, advice, support and used techniques to help keep my labor progressing. I really would have never had the natural birth experience that I was hoping for without her!

For my second birth, I couldn't imagine having anyone else there for me. Her client-centric approach comes through in everything she says and does and there is a level of comfort knowing that she has the experience and knowledge to help me through 2 different labor experiences. She was able to provide great resources and exercises ahead of time, provided great advice, especially near the end of my pregnancy, which I believe all helped make my second birth go so much smoother. She was also able to keep my husband engaged so he could provide the support he wanted to. Overall, my experience with Patti couldn't have been better and I would recommend her to anyone!