Sarah and John 

Jessica was invaluable to my husband and I during the birth of our second son. I had a very traumatic birth with my first son and was hoping a doula would make this time better. Jessica was incredible. Words can't describe how much she eased my fears and calmed me during the pain. She assisted my husband and mom to help me and they even were able to sleep some because they knew Jessica was taking good care of me. They were then refreshed to support me through the rest of labor. She's an amazing teacher and helped me process through what was happening in a way that I understood. I now have memories of a peaceful birth to look back on rather than a fearful one thanks to her guidance.

She also was so respectful of the nursing staff and physicians and worked WITH them to make my birth a positive one. They loved having her there as much as I did!

I just can't say enough wonderful things about Jessica and IDA! THANK YOU, JESSICA for helping to make this precious time one I will look back on with joy!