Tamrha Richardson CD, CPD, CBE (cbi), IPs

Advanced Doula

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Tamrha’s birth philosophy

"I believe that a woman and her partner have the ability and the right to make informed choices during pregnancy and birth. My goal is to understand my client’s decisions and desires, and to support them through our entire relationship. I believe that birth is not usually a medical event, but a beautiful physiological process in which babies are participants. As your Doula, I’ll support you and your partner emotionally, physically, mentally and, if necessary, spiritually (whatever that spirituality might be!) so you can look back at your experience with joy and pride in yourself."

Tamrha is a mother, artist, Doula, Placenta Specialist and all-around passionate advocate for new families. Tamrha certified as a Birth Doula through Childbirth International (CBI) in 2007, after the births of her own two sons. In 2008, she received Advanced Doula Training with Debra Pascali-Bonaro. Tamrha is also a Childbirth Educator, a Postpartum Doula, Belly Wrap Specialist and Sacred Postpartum Services Provider. She also worked as a Trainer at Childbirth International for six years, assisting student Doulas from around the world reach their goals in certifying as Birth and Postpartum Doulas, as well as Childbirth Educators. She received training in Aromatherapy for Women's Health by Pam Conrad BSN, RN, CCAP in 2016 and in 2017, Tamrha certified in Herbal Therapies for Women's Health through Indigenous Remedies, adding her love of herbalism to her skill set. In 2019, Tamrha attended the Spinning Babies Workshop with Tammy Ryan in Indianapolis, IN. She also officially completed her Postpartum Doula certification with CBI in 2019.

In the past, she worked as a Midwifery Assistant in a local homebirth practice, so she brings a wealth of different knowledge about pregnancy, birth and the postpartum days to her clients. Tamrha teaches the Calm Birth method, a mindfulness meditation technique specially created for women in childbirth. And because of the need for awareness in perinatal mood disorders, she received training through the Suffolk County Perinatal Coalition.

Tamrha has served over 190 families birth at home, hospitals and birth centers. Her clients have had natural, unmedicated births, births assisted with pain medication, VBACs, planned and unplanned Cesarean sections, gestational diabetes, inductions, pre-eclampsia, pregnancy loss, and supported a vaginal breech birth! She has served mothers over 40 and as young as 14, and has a special love for the Dads she works with, ensuring their comfort levels, knowledge and support so they feel as included and prepared as possible!


Originally from Long Island, NY, Tamrha’s first career was in visual merchandising for clients like Macy’s and Nordstrom. These days, she homeschools her two boys, appeases the Queen Feline of her home, Opalina, and the newest feline addition Lula, who she rescued off a busy road and nursed back to health, is active in her spiritual community, and engages in multiple hobbies, including photography, music, reading, creative writing, and designing cakes. Whenever she gets a chance, she heads back to New York to see family, go to the beach….and eat real pizza!