Tamrha at work with a laboring mama

Tamrha at work with a laboring mama

About Circle City doulas

Back in 2014, Indy Doula Associates (IDA) was founded by Patti Rice, CD(DONA). As the first doula agency serving Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, Indy Doula Associates (IDA) thrived as a source for pregnancy, birth and postpartum support for Indy families.

Tamrha Richardson CD, CBE (CBI), IPS joined the team in 2015, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience and soon became the Assistant Director of the Agency. In 2018, she took over as Owner and Director following Patti’s retirement.

As change is always constant, the agency was renamed to reflect the changes within and became Circle City Doulas (CCD) in January of 2019.

the doulas of CCD help you prepare for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with courage, compassion and commitment.


Imagine entering parenthood full of confidence and joy. We support expectant and new families through their diverse experiences in pregnancy, birth, and parenting without judgment or an agenda—it’s our pleasure and our passion to serve you and your individual needs during this tender and important time of your life.

When you choose CCD, you get your own personal doula—who is supported by the full agency of Circle City Doulas.


CCD doulas are professionally-trained and maintain certification from Childbirth International (CBI), a leading certifying organization for doulas. We always practice with the utmost in professionalism and care, from consultation to postpartum.

We might be your doulas if:
You’re feeling a bit scared about labor and birth and want a trusted companion to guide you
You’ve done a lot of research, but aren’t sure how to put what you’ve learned into practice to ensure a great birth
You know there’s amazing resources right here in Indianapolis, but need help finding the right ones for your specific needs and goals
You want a caring birth team who trusts you know what’s right for your birth and baby
You want to know which hospitals have the “good ice” ;)
You value experience, knowledge and consistent compassion

Why should you hire a Circle city doula?

  • Experience: Every CCD doula is personally mentored by Tamrha Richardson, an Advanced doula who has attended over 170 births. Tamrha is one of the region’s most experienced doulas, and for six years was a trainer at her certifying organization, Childbirth International, training birth and postpartum doulas as well as childbirth educators.

  • Personalized Care: Our doulas don't share call time. Unless something very unexpected comes up, your doula will be the person at your birth! Building one-on-one relationships is really important to us. Should illness or a surprise birth create a conflict for your doula, you'll have access to another Circle City Doula with a similar philosophy and training to help you through your birth. In addition, this “back-up doula” will come equipped with the most cutting-edge technology for sharing client information with your original doula. However, these instances are very rare; our goal is always that your doula will be the one at your birth.

  • In-house Calm Birth Facilitator: Tamrha Richardson has led dozens of families in Calm Birth, a technique of mindful awareness meditation for childbirth, both in Indianapolis and New York. These meditations allow women to birth in a state of calm, giving them a way to deal with stress, anxiety and fear. Meditation is proven to lower stress hormones and, in childbirth, enable the hormones of birth to work to their greatest potential.

  • Training in Hypnobabies and Hypnobirthing: Even if you don’t plan to use these methods at your birth, all of our doulas are trained in these approaches and can incorporate elements into your birth. Hypnobabies and Hypnobirthing techniques can increase your focus or encourage labor progress.

  • Training in Placenta Encapsulation: The human placenta contains a variety of maternal health-supporting nutrients and hormones for new mothers. If any of our clients wish to practice placentophagy, Tamrha is trained to safely prepare placental tissue for easy, capsule-form consumption. Our clients really love the chocolates as well!

  • Clinical Aromatherapy: We are the only Indianapolis doula agency with doulas thoroughly trained under the first and only evidenced-based obstetrics aromatherapy course in the United States - Clinical Aromatherapy for Women’s Health taught by Pam Conrad, RN, BSN, CCAP. Through this training, we have the right to practice under the American Holistic Nurses Association in the safe use of essential oils for comfort during labor and birth.  

  • Individualized Care: Our doulas don’t force their vision for a “perfect birth”—we’re totally focused on helping you find what’s right for you. Birth is different for everyone and our only goal is that you have a positive experience.

Here at CCD, we often describe a doula as your pregnancy travel agent or GPS – we guide you through your labor and birth. We have mapped out and been on many trips through “labor land.” We know where all the potholes are, every detour, the best pit stops and how to keep you comfortable and focused during those long bumpy trails. We will hold your hand and remind you what you are feeling and doing is normal, even if it is difficult, and at the same time we will protect your birth space as you undertake your powerful journey. We do all of this and more...